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The McCormack’s are proud to present the essential tool you need to sweeten your garden life. Perennial Path Plant Farm grows a selection of time tested “never fail” perennials. These days, stress is a part of life. Each of us needs a special place for renewal and at least one place over which we have some control. Gardening offers us welcome respite and the wonder of being in touch with the cycles of nature. Perennials have become more popular in recent years as they are less labor intensive than the continuous seasonal color change of bedding plants. They bloom year after year in spite of drought, are not bothered by insects, nor prone to disease. The farm is currently growing are 80 varieties of tall bearded iris, 10 varieties of heritage iris, and 40 varieties of day lilies. Blooming season runs from late March through mid July. Harvest begins early August for fall planting.
Buying directly from the grower insures extra large, healthy plants that will establish faster and produce more blooms quickly. Each plant is freshly dug, hand trimmed and washed prior to tagging. Miraculously, the cavalcade of color arrives each spring with a message of hope and optimism!

Enrich your life. Calm your soul. You can do it. Happy Gardening from Perennial Path!


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